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Our menu changes with the seasons, allowing us to use the best seasonal produce available.

— ALL DAY menu  —

Please order at the counter 7.30Am - 4.00Pm
Our menu changes with the seasons, allowing us to use the best seasonal produce available.
We use free-range eggs, chicken & free-farmed bacon & pork


— sourdough toast & butter —
with local preserves,
otago honey or vegemite 8.0
vegan butter +1.0
gluten free option +2.0

— housemade granola —
oats, stewed apple & blackberry,
rose water buckwheat cluster,
vanilla yoghurt, seasonal fruit 15.5
dairy free option +2.0

— spiced winter porridge (vegan) —
carrot, cinnamon, ginger,
spiced poached pear, date puree,
toasted seeds, coconut whip 15.5

— berry beauty smoothie bowl — 
raspberry, blackberry, banana,
almond butter, almond milk, maple,
coconut yoghurt, sunflower chia crunch,
freeze dried blueberries (gf, vegan) 19.0
bee pollen +1.5

— house soup —
toast & butter 13.5
twice cooked house fries (df, gf)
sea salt, aioli & tomato sauce 10.0


— breakfast board (df) —
- beet, apple & ginger shot
- white bean, artichoke & basil smash,
poached eggs on toast, green tea salt
- wild berry bircher pot 21.0
gluten free option +2.0

— eggs benedict  —
toasted english muffin, greens,
oven dried tomatoes,
apple cider hollandaise
bacon 21.5
salmon 25.0
mushroom 20.0

— winter greens vegan benedict (gf) —
kumara, nori & agria rosti,
crispy sesame tofu, mushrooms,
hazelnut vegan hollandaise 22.0

— poached, fried or scrambled eggs  —
on toasted sourdough 13.0
bacon +7.0
eggs +6.0
halloumi +5.0
hot smoked salmon +7.5
mushrooms +4.5
pork & sage sausage +6.0
seasonal greens +4.5

— slow cooked middle eastern lamb —
quinoa, kumara, spinach & coriander salad,
tahini yoghurt, beetroot baba ghanoush,
flatbread, seed dukkah 23.0


— jaffa hotcakes (vegan) —
caramelized mandarins, oreo crumb,
berries, coconut whip, jaffa ganache 20.5
bee pollen +1.5

— potato, cauliflower & kale hash (df, gf) —
fried egg, crispy chickpea dukkah,
pomegranate caramelized onions,
tahini dressing 20.0
salmon +7.5

— chilli tofu scramble (vegan) —
roti, harissa, coriander salsa,
crispy shallots, spinach, carrot pickle,
tempeh bacon 20.5

— spicy fried chicken burger —
sriracha panko battered chicken,
jalapeño lime aioli, spinach, lettuce,
pickled cucumber, activated charcoal bun,
house cut fries 23.5

— winter wellness (gf, vegan) —
lentil, cauliflower, harrisa roast carrot,
quinoa rice, almond beetroot pesto,
pickled cabbage, crispy kale,
tahini dressing 19.5
fried egg +3.0
shredded chicken +5.0

— lunch board —
- housemade soup of the day
- pumpkin, goats cheese, spinach,
onion jam toastie
- lemon, honey, ginger hot shot 21.0
gluten free option +2.0
vegan option cashew cheese +2.0


please see blackboard for our specials
any bread can be replaced with gluten free option
please note: 15% surcharge applies on nz public holidays